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The Romanian Language Day in Chisinau

The Romanian Language Day in Chisinau will be a grand concert. Composer Eugen Doga will perform with soloists of the National Opera and the National Opera Orchestra and the Orchestra of " Teleradio-Moldova " under the leadership of Dmitry Kerchumaru.


The first concerts under the Romanian Language Festival were held in Montreal and Ottawa (Canada) and a great concert for music lovers in New York (USA) will be organized on Tuesday, August 18, Mesager reports.

Both performances began with the anthem of Chisinau, performed by Eugen Doga and master Vasile Iovu. Artists performed other valuable creations signed by our great composer Eugen Doga and Romanian folk songs.

Before departure, the protagonists longed for the first Festival of Romanian Language.

"It is an extraordinary event for our Romanian and Moldovan citizens living abroad ", said Eugen Doga.

According to information about the event, this Festival with the participation of guests from the Republic of Moldova got together Romanian, Russian, French diasporas, people who know and appreciate Doga's creation.

"It's a historic event, Eugen Doga performs for the  first time in North America. His music became known abroad in 70’s and the US President, Ronald Reagan called his waltz -" the creation of the XXth century", said Luminita Dumbraveanu, director of  "Flacara Film".

"We have a unique formula, Doga playing the piano or harmonica, I will play the panpipe without big orchestras, live. It is something new, we have never sang like this on the American continent", said the artist of the nation Vasile Iovu.

Both performances from Montreal and Ottawa ended in Dance of Friendship and Dance of Unification . "Let's hear these songs and let us dance hora unirii (dance of unification) now, come to our concerts ", said the master.

This event is backed by the Romanian Culture Institute in Bucharest.

Eugen Doga just arrived in Montreal

Eugen Doga just arrived in Montreal. 15.08.2015.  The first festival of the Romanian language in North America (15-18 of August).


„Sunt curios să văd acest spaţiu. Este un eveniment extraordinar pentru compatrioții noştri. Sunt sigur că ne aşteaptă cu braţele deschise. Vom încerca să le reamintim cele mai frumoase melodii ale noastre. Am aşteptat demult această întâlnire şi această frumoasă sărbătoare nu doar a limbii române, dar şi a spiritului”, a menționat înainte de plecare maestrul Eugen Doga.


NEWS! Eugen Doga is having his first tour in Canada and the U.S.A. as part of the first festival of the Romanian language in North America (15-18 of August).


Eugen Doga's music has conquered the American continent since 1970 and in 1989 the US President considered his waltz the creation of the twentieth century. The composer will go for the first time in North America at the Romanian Language Festival held in Canada and North America. The protagonists of the event are masters Eugen Doga, Vasile Iovu, writer Luminita Dumbraveanu and producer Doru Gutu. The festival will take place in Ottava, Montreal and New York with the support of the Romanian Culture Institute in Bucharest.
"I'm curious to see this space. It is an extraordinary event for our compatriots. I'm sure they are looking forward to meet us. We will perform  beautiful songs. I look forward to this departure, this beautiful celebration  both of Romanian language and spirit", said master Eugen Doga.

"Master Eugen Doga is invited both as a composer and deputy of the nation as he particiapted in adopting the linguistic legislation in August 1989 that generated the holiday "Our Romanian Language ", which we honor in America", said Luminita Dumbraveanu.

Rehearsals are held in the music lounge of the composer before departure: Eugen Doga at piano or harmonica and Vasile Iovu playing the flute.

Romanian Language Festival


ÎN CURÂND! Eugen Doga va avea primul său turneu în Canada şi SUA, în cadrul primului Festival al Limbii Române în America de Nord (15-18 august 2015).

Festivalul Limbii Române în Canada şi SUA, o serie de spectacole muzical-literare dedicate sărbătoririi Zilei Limbii Române, are loc în perioada 15 – 18 august, la Montreal, Ottawa şi New York.

Triplul eveniment, organizat în premieră în spaţiul nord-american, este programat să se desfăşoare la Montreal (15 august), Ottawa (16 august) şi New York (18 august), informează Institutul Cultural Român (ICR).



The festival of the Romanian language in the U.S. and Canada. The event is dedicated to the composer Eugen Doga. In Montreal (August 15), Ottawa (August 16) and new York, the headquarters of the Institute of culture of Romania in new York (August 18). In the event participates Basil Iovu, Luminita Dumbraveanu and Theodore Gutu.


Premiere the series "Dialogues of love". Love story of two poets - Mihai Eminescu and Veronica Micle.http://www.dogamusic.com/en/Opera-Dia...
Timing. Based on the works of a brilliant classic of Romanian literature Mihai Eminescu and the poetess Veronica Micle, his beloved.
Symphony orchestra of Teleradio Moldova. Dumitru Carciumaru - сonductor. Choir "Moldova". Children's Choir "Voices of spring" Of Ion Creanga Lyceum. Conductor Stefan Andronicus. Choir maestro Medelina Ganya. June 13, 2015 in the Central square of the Cathedral in Chisinau.

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